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's unlikely that the well is leaking again. >>> 7:05. vice president joe biden meet up with his republican rival, paul ryan in their only debate tonight in kentucky. coming up why some people say the moderateert of tonight's debate has a major con-- moderator of tonight's debate has a major conflict of interest. >>> the "chronicle" reports that supervisor jame kim sent an e-mail to her constituents saying she would support a recall effort to remove mirkarimi from the sheriff's office. she's one of the supervisors to put him back in his post. coming up later in the newscast, pam cook will have more on why a recall effort will not be easy. >>> the sun is now up. let's head to sal and see how. commute on this thursday morning is looking. >> mike and tori, it's getting busy. northbound 101 -- westbound bay bridge. there was a smalled vehicle that cleared out of the way. but they had the metering lights on pretty slow for a little bit. now they are beginning to ease up. i can tell seeing how the traffic is moving better. certainly not as bad as it was yesterday when people were sending me tweet
. >>> well, vice president joe biden and his republican rival paul ryan had heated exchange in last night's debate. >> mr. vice president, i know -- >> no. >> mr. vice president, i know you are under a lot of duress -- [laughter] >> but i think people would be better served if we talked one at a time. >> well, jamie dupree is live and jamie, the polls don't seem to agree that the debate was heated. >> reporter: you are light right. there was a cbs poll that showed joe biden the winner. there were others from cnn, cnbc, the a.p. had a poll out that showed paul ryan the ryan. both sides declared victory and then can produce data to back up their claim. i just saw a tweet on the twitter account of the president talking about joe biden's victory. a lot of republicans talking about paul ryan's victory. so both sides trying to cast their man came out victorious. if anything, it set the table for the next presidential debate. >> we heard paul ryan saying you have some ground to make up for. which did they go in there -- was this to try to make sure that joe biden was in charge and aggressive? a
joe ran van der sloot could soon be a father -- joran van der sloot could soon be a father. the newspaper claims the woman became pregnant during an unsupervised visit during the jame. he's also wanted in -- jail. he's also wanted in the disappearance of natalee holloway. >>> california health regulate, say there is a report that does not explore the possibility that the base here may have been dusted or soaked with radioactive sewage. they acknowledge the history was more widespread then it -- than it originally thought. the report is part of a process for the military to turn land over to san francisco for more developments. >>> new this morning, one of the winsers the nobel prize in medicine announced they have a bay area connection. the two men were awarded the price for stem cell discoveries. the two men will split the $1.2 million prize money. the noble foundation lowered the prize money 20% this year citing the economic turmoil on markets. >>> cooling continues around the bay area today. will it stay that way or get warmer? ktvu meteorologist steve paulson will have
. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. . >>> moreover night news of a police shooting in solano. why police say they opened fire on a woman. >> a first of it's kind drill in marin. why fire officials want residents to practice getting out of their neighborhood. >> a rescue on the san francisco bay. why the coast guard was called to a bachelor party. >> and the giants back in san francisco. why they didn't arrive until just a couple hours ago. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. it's saturday october 13th. >> good morning. let's get over to rosemary for a look at that weekend forecast. >> good morning. a pleasant day expected for saturday. it's a coo
was on fire. the man drove into the trader joe's parking lot on lang shore with flames shooting out of the car. one happened the driver escape and one woman grabbed the babies. >> i couldn't get the window out. so i had to pull them out this way. >>> police say a speeding suv ran a red light, hit a car, then jumped a sidewalk around 8:00 yesterday morning. crossing guard dana kennedy and a parent were seriously injured. kennedy saved her 11-year-old son by pushing him out of the way. the boy went into work with his mother because he did not have school and it was his birthday. one of the people in the suv was arrested. the other is still on the loose. >> the number of people stricken by meningitis continues to grow. health officials say the outbreak has spread to ten states from new jersey to florida. 12 people have died but doctors fear the toll will go much higher. the outbreak is chased to a massachusetts pharmacy -- pharmacy. >>> ten minutes before 8:00, cleared of wrongdoing. the reason an oakland officer will not face charges in a recent deadly police shooting. >>> how wildlife officials
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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